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Looking to become the next Who Loves Money "Top Affiliate"! We hope so and so does your bank account.   Who Loves Money is the top converting Internet marketing product online and with very high $44 payouts, there is huge potential for you as an affiliate!

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We have created a free Affiliate guide that is unique to the Who Loves Money affiliate program.  If you are interested in promoting Who Loves Money and want to learn the best techniques and promotional strategies you can use to promote Who Loves Money, then please sign-up for your FREE copy of the guide below!

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Creating Your Affiliate Links

The first thing you need to know if you are going to promote Who Loves Money, is how to create your affiliate links.  Since Who Loves Money is a Clickbank product, you will first need to have a Clickbank account.  If you do not have a Clickbank account already, set-up your account using the following link (it is FREE):

Once you have a Clickbank account, you will be able to promote Who Loves Money.  The following is the format of the link that you will use:

Where "NICKNAME" is your unique clickbank nickname that you created upon signing up.

Link Generator & Tracking

If you are advertising using Google Adwords, or Yahoo Search Marketing, we offer conversion tracking for these Pay-per-click networks. Click the button below if you wish to create "Who Loves Money" affiliate links that will track sales conversions at Yahoo and Google.

Free Website!

We have created a feeder site that you can use to promote Who Loves Money and our other Internet marketing products.  The great part about a feeder site is that you do not have to do any programming.   You can simply enter your Clickbank ID and generate your own personal link.

The feeder sites will allow you to link to specific pages within the sites with a click of a button.  You can then promote these sites via the methods outlined within Who Loves Money (forums, articles, paid search engines, Slow Roller Technique, etc).

To check out the feeder site and to grab your linking code, click the button below:

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Imagine the Potential

Our top affiliates earn well over $10,000 every month, and with a little work any affiliate can be doing the same thing.  Who Loves Money sells very well, and because it is a book of such high quality and regard, we get very few refunds.   The following chart outlines how easy it is to achieve $10,000/month promoting Who Loves Money.

Sales Per Day
Revenue / Month
1 ($44)
3 ($132)
10 ($440)
20 ($880)

With the amount of people online looking to earn money, 20 sales a day is very realistic.   There are literally millions of people searching to earn money and Who Loves Money would be an obvious choice for anyone!

If you ever have any questions about promoting Who Loves Money, or are interested in doing a mass promotion and would like to contact us in advance, please contact us here:

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